You probably don’t want to hear this, but that sign that sits outside of your apartment complex is in dire need of replacement. It’s been good to you over the years, but now that its weathered appearance has begun to drive away potential tenants, it’s time to give it a teary-eyed goodbye. I know it’s sad and somewhat of a pain, but if you buildings are truly high quality, you need a sign that tells new apartment seekers just that. If you’re not sure which options best suit you, consider these apartment signs:

Monument Signs

These tend to be at the major entrance point of apartment complexes. Distinctive and usually freestanding, a nice looking monument sign is perfect for welcoming potential renters.

Channel Letter Signs

If you don’t own a complex, but rather a series of disparate apartment buildings scattered across the Dallas area, identify each property with a channel letter sign. Generally used by major retail stores, channel letter signs are bold, aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Custom Signs

Maybe you don’t want either, or you’d like a combination of both. Try adding elements of all different sign types with a custom sign. In this case, a monument sign with lighting and channel letters would look nice.

When considering new signs for you apartment buildings, make sure to think your decision through to ensure you get the best looking products to represent your properties. Chances are you’re going to have them for a while, so you want to make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing to potential tenants.

For the best Dallas apartment signs around, call HighTech Signs or fill out our free quote form today. One of our professionals would love to explore your signage needs and provide you with a free estimate.