During this most recent December, HighTech Signs was hard at work, fabricating and installing interior signage for the Los Colinas Association in Irving. With a new building built, the organization called upon our talented team for high-quality Las Colinas commercial signs. Working diligently, our experts were able to quickly and efficiently craft and install high-quality signage for the association.

The Process

To get a feel for what the Las Colinas Association wanted, we met with them to discuss signage types, designs, materials and more. After they specified exactly what they wanted, our expert team of designers and fabricators got to work. Putting their skill and expertise to the test, they quickly crafted gorgeous Las Colinas signs that would decorate the interior of the association’s new building.

With the new Las Colinas commercial signs finished and ready for installation, our crew covered the products for protection, loaded them into one of our trucks, and proceeded to deliver them to their destination. Once they arrived, they safely unloaded all of the signage and carried it indoors. There they met with a member of the Las Colinas Association for instructions on where to install each sign.

After receiving some direction, they put their skills to use, installing all of the signage inside of the building in lightning speed. By the end of the day, the entire building was decked out with brand new Las Colinas commercial signs. The team went around to make sure every item looked nice and was securely installed. Afterwards, they worked with the association to determine a date when they would come back and perform maintenance on the signage. Once that was taken care of, they packed up their equipment, hopped back in the truck and called it a day.

Las Colinas Signs for Your Business

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