Sign Repair

Would it surprise you to learn that your business might project a boring first impression, despite all your marketing efforts? In Dallas, business signs play a vital role in drawing in clients. They provide that important first impression customers have of you. Well-designed signs remind prior clients of your excellent services and draw in new clients. If your sign projects an old, dated impression, you may be losing business. At HighTech Signs in Dallas, we want you to enjoy the benefits of a great sign. Here are the top three reasons we recommend that you include a new sign in this year’s marketing budget.

Before Sign Repair

Aging Dallas Business Signs Are an Eyesore

Let’s face it, the sun can be brutal in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Intense sunlight fades the colors in your outdoor signs and dries out the materials. Paint peels, wood dries and cracks, plastics and coatings degrade. This damage takes place over time and may not be noticed because your eye becomes gradually accustomed to the changes.

Dallas business signs take a beating from the elements. Stop and take a hard look at your signs and you will find this weathering. Your eyes will be opened to the damage your potential customers see daily. An old, faded sign may be doing your business more harm than good. If yours is aging, you need to allocate funds to replace it soon. Do your signs project the image of your business that you want to convey?

Attract New Customers

How many people pass your business daily and never notice it? For most, it fades into the background of their daily view. But when something changes on the landscape, it suddenly draws attention. A great new sign draws the eye and projects the branded image of your company. In Dallas, custom signs are a cost-effective way to market your business. That alone is a compelling reason to change your signage every few years.

Update Your Branding

You have a monthly budget for marketing and, hopefully, you are carefully directing your marketing to project a positive image of your business. You update these marketing materials regularly, but you may be missing one of the biggest marketing messages you have—your signs. The best marketers realize that, in Dallas, custom signs draw a lot of attention and they use this advantage when updating their business marketing materials. Follow their lead and allow room in your marketing budget to update your signs on a regular basis. Keep your image positive and current.

Do It Right

You’re creating Dallas business signs that will brand your business for years to come, so do it right. Our experts can help you design a sign that will stand out, attract clients and fit into your local environment. Give HighTech Signs in Dallas a call today or fill out our online quote form to learn more. We will be happy to guide you through the entire process. Let’s make 2017 a year for growing your business.