Dallas Business Signs

First appearances matter. According to researchers, a potential customer makes a judgement based on appearance in as little as five seconds. That means your business has less than 5 seconds to grab a customer’s attention and entice them want to learn more about you. 

In order to grab a customer’s attention, your commercial signs must be dynamic, compelling and eye-catching. Given the limited time you have to convince them to check out your store, owners need to choose wisely when investing in business signs. Hiring a local Dallas sign shop, who knows the local market, can ensure your sign will hit your target customer. 

Here are three additional benefits to using a local sign shop:

  1. Expertise- Working with a Dallas sign shop means you get years of experience and expertise in sign making and printing. No matter how complicated your commercial sign project, a local expert can help you through the design, fabrication, and installation process. 
  2. Speed - If you use an online shop, versus a local shop, not only due to have to figure in the time until your sign is actually printed but also the additional shipping days. When you work with a Dallas sign company, you can work with the shop to ensure your sign is printed and ready on your time frame. 
  3. Personalized Service- The customer service at a local sign shop is second to none. When you work with a Dallas sign maker, you actually talk to a person face-to-face who is committed to delivering a beautiful product and excellent customer service. 

Custom Signs from HighTech Signs

No matter the type of sign you are looking to add to your Dallas business, HighTech Signs has the expertise to create a flawless visual for your business. We have experts trained in the sign design, fabrication and installation for any type of business sign you want. HighTech Signs is your one-stop-shop for custom commercial signs

To learn more about our comprehensive business sign services, contact us today. Give us a call or fill out the online request form for a free, no-obligation price quote.