Wayfinding Signs

A lack of wayfinding signage can lead to frustration and confusion—and could even cost you more prospective students than you’d thought. The good news is that by installing sleek, beautifully designed wayfinding signs, you can increase both visitor and student satisfaction. Our quality Dallas wayfinding signs have the power to completely transform your campus and the experience of your visitors.

Here are the top 3 reasons to install wayfinding signs on your college campus:

1.  They Make Your Campus Feel Like Home

If you ask any college student why they chose their school, some will point to academics, scholarships, or athletics. However, many will nod and conclude that, “it just felt like home.” Wayfinding signs create a welcoming and easy-to-navigate atmosphere. Our Dallas wayfinding sign installers can help your prospective students feel at home on their very first visit.

2.  Elevate Your Campus’s Aesthetic with Quality Dallas Wayfinding Signs

Maybe you’re thinking, “our campus already has wayfinding signs!” But what do these signs say about your school? Are they drab eyesores that take up space as a “necessary evil,” or do they highlight the unique architecture of your school with inspired design features? Our engineering team can elevate your campus’s aesthetic with beautifully designed wayfinding signs.

3.  They Improve visitor experience

It’s likely that your campus functions outside the world of academia. Perhaps you rent out your fields to community sports teams, or maybe you host conferences for international visitors. Either way, your campus is most likely used by a host of one-time visitors. And how do these visitors feel while on your campus? Do they feel confident and informed, or confused and frustrated? And of course, this feeling related directly to navigation issues can inadvertently be applied to your campus itself! Clear, coherent Dallas wayfinding signs can help one-time visitors in their time of need, and leave them singing your campus’s praises long after their visit has ended.

When you’re ready to heighten visitor and student experience, call us or fill in our online contact form for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our professional staff of engineers, designers, technicians, and coordinators are ready to help make your campus more aesthetically pleasing, more accessible, and more welcoming.