Among the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, you’ll see countless businesses opening and closing every day. In an area of this size, it’s impressive to find a company that lasts, but when you come to Hightech Signs DFW, that’s exactly what you get. For over 30 years, our High Tech sign shop has been providing local businesses with the quality signs they need to stand out among the growing and changing area, so you can trust that we have the expertise to handle all of your signage needs.

Our Companies History

Years ago, High Tech Signs was a franchise with several shops, but eventually, the franchise disbanded. When this happened, there were a few sign shops that chose to keep the same name even though they were under new management. All of this was done in the hopes of helping keep their business running on the trust that had been established with the franchise. Today, there are two sign shops in the Dallas Fort Worth areas, but only our company has been in business for over 30 years and under the same management for 27. 

Our Industry Expertise

Though many companies have come and gone because they weren’t able to maintain their business, our Hightech Signs DWF has never faltered, which makes us your trusted industry experts. Throughout the decades, we have been a part of all of the technology changes in sign fabrication and installation. We have learned all of the old and new zoning restrictions and building codes that affect our client’s signage. With every year that we remain in business, we learn more ways to help our customers with their needs.

Our Comprehensive Services

Aside from the other High Tech sign shop, we know that many people choose to go with companies that specialize in one service, such as decalsinstallation, or digital printing. However, you get access to a one-stop shop when you come to Hightech Signs DFW. Our company specializes in the entire process because we know that quality signage is about more than the fabrication—it’s all of the parts as a whole. Therefore, you can trust us to put our decades of experience and technical skills to use as we handle every step and provide you with better and higher-quality than you’d find at specialty businesses.

If you would like to find out more about how your company can benefit from working with our sign technicians, we encourage you to contact us at Hightech Signs DFW today. You can call to speak with us about any of your specific needs or questions. To request your free, no-obligation estimate instead, simply take a moment to submit our online quote form.