Applying a bold, eye-catching design to your company car was an excellent marketing decision. It lets customers know your business operates in the area and puts a human face on the services you provide. Now, you just have to keep that vehicle wrap in good condition. 

Vehicle wraps are a popular choice because they can be removed easily later on, but this means that they require special care to ensure the wrap lasts as long as possible. HighTech Signs DFW has the advice you need for avoiding damage to your digital printed signage and keeping it bright and clean.

Things that Could Damage a Car Wrap

Vehicle wraps are made from printed vinyl with an adhesive backing. As you can imagine this plastic material may be more prone to damage than the enamel paint on your car. This doesn’t mean you have to baby those commercial vehicles, but there are a few things that could damage them.

What can damage a car wrap?

  • Excessive heat or sunshine can break the wrap down over time.
  • Road salt and chemicals can damage vinyl.
  • Poor or improper cleaning before application can cause peeling.
  • Pressure washers can tear or loosen vinyl wrap.
  • Automatic car washes and brushes are hard on vinyl.
  • Hard scrubbing pulls on and abrades the vehicle wrap.

Washing Vehicle Wraps

It’s hard to present a good face for your business when that wrapped vehicle is covered in dirt and grime. Generally, try to keep the car inside a garage to protect it from the elements. When it does become dirty, it’s better to handwash the vehicle with a soft cloth or sponge instead of taking it to an automatic car wash. 

How to wash a wrapped vehicle:

  • Rinse as much dirt as possible off with clean water.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to remove stuck dirt by hand.
  • Use a citrus-based degreaser to break up difficult grime.
  • Rinse clean with fresh water.
  • Remove water drops with a silicone squeegee.
  • Finish drying with a clean microfiber cloth.

You may be able to use a pressure washer to clean the car with some precautions. Keep the washer at less than 2,000 PSI with a 40-degree wide angle spray pattern. Use water that is less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit too. When spraying the car, keep the nozzle at least 12” from the vehicle and avoid the corners where the wrap can lift up under pressure.

While vehicle wraps take a little extra care, they are well-worth the investment for digital printed signage to advertise your business. To learn more about installing a car wrap, give HighTech Signs DFW a call or fill out our online form. Our Dallas sign company will be happy to arrange for a free cost estimate.